10 Ways Finding A Job Is Like Finding A Boyfriend

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It’s your first time together. Your palms are sweating. You keep readjusting your clothes making sure everything is perfect. You lock eyes and greet him with the biggest smile your face can conjure up. But this is not a first date, it is a job interview. Finding the right career opportunity is like finding the right match for a romantic relationship. Here are 10 reasons why your job search might feel like dating.

  1. The Perfect (Pick Up Line) Resume As you sit there and he asks you to tell him a little bit about yourself, this is the perfect opportunity to tell him why you would be the perfect wife…employee. A well put together resume highlights your accomplishments, achievements, and experiences.
  2. Network, Network, Social Network Facebook is for lovers, LinkedIn is for job seekers. “Its not about what you know but who you know”. Most people are able to find jobs (mates) through connections and friends they already have.
  3. Job Requirements If you admit it or not, you have “a list”. That checklist that has your ideal mate. We all have standards in what we would like and the same goes for a job. If it doesn’t meet our requirements, we may not find it worth applying for.
  4. The Past is the Past and the Future For better or for worse, our past experiences (or lack thereof) can affect our future experiences. What we learn from classes, previous jobs and internships molds us for the future and help us become better employees (partners).
  5. Finding a Good Lead You know the excitement that comes from finding out that a guy you met last week is interested in “getting to know you better”. A job and relationship lead are one in the same. You are aiming to impress them enough to move to the next step.
  6. Put Your Best Foot Forward Make sure the recruiter sees the best version of you. Highlight your best qualities and skill sets. You can’t sell yourself to a potential employer if you don’t believe in what you have to offer.
  7. First Date vs The Interview You put on your best dress, plan out answers to questions, and most importantly, research.
  8. Researching The Company Speaking of research, The time you spend on glassdoor checking out the company reviews is the same amount of time you spend on Facebook seeing where your potential spent Memorial Day weekend. (Miami huh? hmmm)
  9. I had a great time. Thank You! It is just as important to connect with a love interest shortly after a date to say you had a good time as it is to send to thank email after the interview. It shows you appreciated the interviewer’s time and are interested in the opportunity. There may have been a team of people you met with (Like his friends); don’t forget them.
  10. Promotions and Raises and Bonuses Oh My! So you landed the job. Everything is going great and you are definitely on the path for a promotion. Whether you’re negotiating for a bonus or for the next step in your relationship, map out your plan to keep interest up, make a lasting impression by both promising and delivering.

Just remember to invite me to the engagement promotion party.

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